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Christmas Day

Sunday was a somewhat stressful day, due to the weather more than anything else.

Decided that while it was snowing outside somewhat fierce, it didn't seem tooo bad and I didn't want to cancel out on Kathy or take a taxi, so I managed to clean off the car after about 20 minutes work, and drove out to Ottawa's west end to spend the day and most of the evening with Kathy and Ellie. The drive out was, to put it bluntly, an interesting exercise in the stupidity of drivers in countries that get lots of snow who just shouldn't (for the most part) be on the roads. Accidents everywhere. Fortunately, I wasn't one of them.

Got to Kathy's, and discovered to my delight that she had invited Ellie's godmother over to the house, and that her brother and sister had come in for the day as well, so it was a small group of folks for the day. Relaxed pretty much for the afternoon (the cleaning snow and ice off the car had back, and it was doing only so-so), and chatted with the folks, had a snack or three, and helped Kathy a bit with stuff during the late afternoon. My goddaughter was quite pleased with her gifts, apparently, and her godmother was surprised that I'd bought her something as well, but she had also reciprocated with a nice sweater for me (a good choice, as I can always use another sweater!). Spent a good deal of time talking and playing with my goddaughter, as she misses her father right now something fierce, and had a lovely Christmas dinner with everyone.

After helping Kathy out with some of the dishes, we all just sat around and chatted, and at 9:00 pm, Ellie wanted to watch the new Doctor Who Christmas special, "The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe". It was all right, but I think I've become disenchanted with Moffat's view and vision for the series. At 10:00 pm, Kathy's brother and sister headed for home, and I stuck around so that Ellie's godmother and I could tuck her into bed. We had some tea and biscuits, and then I had to head for home, after once more cleaning off the car of snow. The drive home was a bit treacherous, but I managed to get back around 11:45 pm, and rather than doing anything else in the house, I just washed up a few dishes, and crawled into bed.

I've been feeling a bit out of sorts since I woke this morning, and have felt somewhat lonely. The Christmas and New Year's period always does this to me, for some odd reason, and I've just been puttering around the house most of the day rather aimlessly.

Perhaps I'll watch a DVD or two today, or just do some reading. Or not. But I'm definitely not going outside to clean the car off again today. In the meantime, a bit of tea, methinks. And a change of bed linens.
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