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New Year's Day

The first day of 2012 has come and gone, and to be honest, it was a pretty good day.

Woke up around 8:30 am and had an egg and piece of toast for breakfast, with a bit of yogurt, washed down with coffee. Spent part of the morning puttering around the house, and doing a bit of maintenance after the morning ablutions. Lunch consisted of a chicken sandwich with a glass of water (it was too warm outside for soup, I thought), and then I spent about an hour writing (as I've fallen behind on some of the fiction I've been writing).

The weather was warm enough outside that I finally figured I could get the car free of the snow and ice it's been trapped in for a few days, so I went outside and managed to unbury the car, start it up, and go for a bit of a drive. The driving was slick and slippery, but I stopped off at my mom's place and gave her a lift over to the shopping mall so she could pick up some bus tickets from OCTranspo to use for the handicap service that they offer. After dropping her off at home, I made my way back to the house, and relaxed with the two PBS episodes of EastEnders for the day.

Supper consisted of roast chicken, a salad with green beans and heart of palm mixed in, and some scalloped potatoes. Spent several hours watching the first three episodes of Primeval Series 3, and then headed to bed and read a bit more of the Dumas book that I'm currently reading. Fell asleep around 12:30 am or so.

Overall, a pretty quiet, relatively relaxing Sunday and a good way to spend New Year's Day. In some ways, just what I needed.
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