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The NHL All-Star Game Voting

I just saw the results of the National Hockey League (NHL) All-Star voting and...

While I am glad that Ottawa will be well-represented at the game, with Daniel Alfredsson, Jason Spezza, Eric Karlsson, and Milan Michalek all getting in at the top six, I do have to wonder about the voting process. Sure, I see Ottawa fans and Canadians all over voting for the Senators players, but what about the twenty-three non-Canadian teams and their cities?

I understand that some fans want to see the Ottawa Senator players in the game in their own building, and I *love* the fact that Alfredsson got voted into the game, but seriously... Where are Tampa Bay's Steven Stamkos (the league leader in goals), New York Rangers' Marion Gaborik, the Maple Leafs' Phil Kessel, Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks, Pittsburgh's James Neal and Evgeni Malkin, and Philadelphia's Claude Giroux? I mean, these guys are some of the best in the NHL at the moment, and they're not even in the top of the voting?

Don't get me wrong, I love seeing all these Ottawa Senators in the starting line-up for the All-Star Game, but there's something seriously fouled up with the voting process. It's really nothing more than a popularity contest, based on these results, with Ottawa (and perhaps Canadian) fans getting a lot of votes to make this happen, but perhaps it's an indication that the NHL needs to change the voting set-up for the All-Star Game.

Let the debates and arguments begin...
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