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Friday Night RPG Stuff

First Friday of the New Year.

And that means it's the first Friday night gaming session of 2012 tonight! :)

While I've been doing a bit of gaming work on and off for the last couple of weeks, this will mark the first gaming session with my groups for the new year. As noted in this blog entry earlier in the week, I have definite plans for how I want to handle the roleplaying for 2012, but at the moment, I am just content to start gaming again for the new calendar year.

Tonight, the Friday night gamers are going to be continuing their adventures in the world of the Primeval RPG. Yes, the roleplaying game is still not out, though hopefully it will be sometime in the next couple of months ::crossing my fingers on this one::. The game is going pretty well, I think, and my players are enjoying themselves quite a bit with it.

So I'm looking forward to gaming tonight.
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