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Getting Ready to Game

After lying down for a bit, and a couple of Robaxacet, I felt somewhat better.

Have finished eating a nice tuna casserole, and am just finishing a bit of Granny Smith apple before getting ready to run tonight's game on the Friday gaming group.

Rather looking forward to this evening's game of the Primeval RPG, and seeing the Friday gamers for the first time since last year. LOL! Tonight's game should be interesting, as they'll be dealing with-- er, no, better not talk about this. Some of them might be reading this before we game, and wouldn't want to spoil the surprise.

Will blog about the game session when I get around to it (still catching up on the Primeval RPG blog journal entries, as I've only posted one of the Friday group's sessions to this point, and none of the Sunday group's game), but haven't felt like transcribing game session journals. Do folks still want to see it?

Anyway, better get ready to game.
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