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Thoughts on Friday Gaming (Health Too)

Saturday morning. Ottawa weather is, to put it mildly, nuts. Had freezing rain, temperature around 20C, and now gonna have bouts of rain and/or snow. Going outside today, moi? I don't think so. I don't need to fall on some slick or bit of ice and have even more health problems.

On the other hand, had a pretty good evening of gaming last night with the Friday gang.

The more I run the Primeval RPG, the more fun I have with it. In some ways, I think the Primevalverse is more accessible than the world of Doctor Who, simply because it is set against the modern day, and puts dinosaurs and creatures into places that we're all familiar with. Add to that the game will allow one to go outside the Primeval mold as well, since you aren't limited by CGI and special effects budgets, and because other types of group concepts that still fit the Primeval mindset are available to be played, and that just makes the game all the more inviting to me! Suffice it to say, last night's game went quite well, and the players and their characters had several surprises to deal with in-game as well. (Still don't know when all the blog entries on the Friday and Sunday games will go up, as I've got a backlog of them now.)

The only bad thing to happen to me Friday night was when, while getting ready for bed after the gamers had left, I noticed that I had popped a small blood vessel in my right eye. Not a good thing. That said, the back pain is pretty bad today as well after yesterday's house cleaning exertions.
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