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Sunday's Plans

Ah, another Sunday morning.

It's going to be a busy day.

This afternoon, the Sunday gaming group will be getting together to play another session of the Primeval RPG, and I'm quite looking forward to the first Sunday gaming session of 2012. When last the Sunday group left off, they had a bit of a pickle on their hands.

This evening, new episodes of some of my favourite tv series air. First up, is Once Upon A Time. I'm actually quite surprised at how well this show has turned out, but have to wonder whether it can keep up the pace of the story and whether it's got a set length for the series run. Otherwise, we'll never see the faerie tale characters finally freed. Or perhaps that's not the direction it's going in at all. And then there is Pan Am. Rumours surrounding the fate of the series and whether it's cancelled or not aside, I really enjoy this show and find it a good hour of television with which to relax and just enjoy. While I hope it gets renewed for a second series, I just can't be sure.

Anyway, time to get my act together for the afternoon. Looking forward to gaming.
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