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A Nasty Thursday in Ottawa

Thursday morning in Ottawa.

An absolutely horrible day outside. The temperature is about -50C, so that's not too bad...but it's got a mix of rain, freezing rain, snow, and it's currently dropping ice pellets out there. Not a good day for going outside, let alone driving, walking, or any of those activities.

I was smart this morning, and am working from home. I wasn't about to go outside in this weather, and risk life and limb, especially considering that one of my limbs isn't doing too well right now (see this entry; the toe is all right, sort of, but is quite swollen, discoloured, and hurts like heck) and I don't want to take any chances with my back.

Almost feels like winter in Ottawa. Aww, heck, reminds me of early winter weather that usually happens around late November or early December.
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