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The 13th of January

Friday morning. The 13th of January.

While most folks look on a Friday the 13th as an evil day or at least one filled with all kinds of superstitions, Jews tend to view the day as somewhat lucky but also in much less an evil-eyed fashion than most.

That said, today is one of the nastiest days on record we've had in Ottawa this year, and that combined with yesterday's horrible weather, has made things ten times worse. The garbage collection has occurred this morning, despite the weather, so I was glad that I was able to put the garbage out last night, even though I feared for my balance several times while doing so. I'm working from home once more today, as I'm not about to risk life and limb out there on the snowy, icy, windy streets of the city, car or no car. From what I heard at the office during the morning chat, most of my co-workers have decided to do the same thing, and the office is pretty much deserted.

Given the weather today, I'm not sure whether the Friday night group will be gaming tonight. The Primeval RPG Friday night game is going quite well, and it would be a shame for the group not to play tonight, given the middle of what they're dealing with in the game, but such is life. Should know by late this afternoon what's going on with the game.
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