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Cold Sunday, and Gaming

Goddess, but it's cold out there this morning!

It's currently -210C, with a nasty windchill. The house is extremely chilly for some reason, so I may turn the heat up inside a bit today if the temperature out there stays like this. That said, the cold has my poor, old bones hurting and sore, and when I add the back situation and the foot situation to this, I'm just feeling somewhat miserable today. I'm hoping a good, hot shower will help me feel somewhat better, and plenty of moisturiser will also help today. That, and plenty of hot drinks!

That said, this afternoon I'm set to run the Sunday afternoon gaming group in another session of the Primeval RPG campaign, as they continue on. This particular adventure has gone a session longer than I expected it to go, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. We'll see how things shape up.

Have to figure out what I want to eat for supper tonight, before settling in for a night of Once Upon A Time and Pan Am. And I think I need to take out another blanket for the bed.
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