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Monday Morning

Monday morning in the Ottawa valley. The weather has warmed up somewhat, and the sun is out and shining brightly.

So, naturally, I'm sick.

Woke up this morning running a mild temperature, with pain in my sinuses and my throat. I went and took my morning shower, and then made some breakfast (which I didn't really want to eat, but common sense told me to do anyway; besides, I had to take the diabetes meds). I called work, told them that I was sick but that I'd work from home, and then waited for them to send me the business laptop. I napped while waiting for it to arrive, and then when it came, got down to work. I'm not feeling too badly, otherwise I wouldn't be working and all, but...

On a gaming note, yesterday's running of the Primeval RPG on the Sunday gaming group went very well, somewhat better than I expected, and ended with a turning point in the game. The players had a really good time with it, and I'm looking forward to another session next week, provided my health doesn't falter too badly.

In the meantime, see how my day goes and the health holds up this week.
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