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Sleepless Night

Haven't been able to fall asleep, as the knee is bothering me something terrible tonight. I have taken some painkiller, but that was at least an hour ago, and the pain isn't all that diminshed, so I thought that I would journal while I wait for the hot milk to have a cup of cocoa.

It has been a tough week and a bit, to be honest, and I've been depressed for much of it. While I ran the two demos of HEX and ran the Friday night campaign this past week, I've been suffering a bit from the blues, especially in light of the fact that the weather had been so comfortable since I injured the knee, so I've not been able to walk or get that much exercise. There have been days when the pain has been severe, and others when it has been milder--

[break to get milk off stove, and make cocoa]

--but overall the pain has truly been a hindrance, both in terms of rest and relaxation and getting around at work.

Tomorrow will be the last of the relatively cool weather for awhile, as the heat is scheduled to return on Thursday, so the weekend may be tougher than I thought.

Anyway, time to drink the cocoa, and then try and get some sleep. The alarm goes off way too early for my taste.
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