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A Scary Drive Home From Class

Well, that was an interesting evening and a terribly scary drive home.

Just got back about ten minutes ago from my Geology class for Tuesday night, and am having a cup of hot cocoa. Always good for the nerves and relaxing the soul a bit.

Geology class was fine tonight, and I had a good time and continue to learn all sorts of neat stuff. On the other hand, the drive home this evening was terrible, and I was worried that I was going to crack the car up a couple of times, and my body along with it.

The weather is currently a mix of freezing rain mixed with snow, and while visibility isn't too bad (unless you're driving on open roads that are windswept), the roads themselves are just sheets of ice that haven't been salted and dealt with all that well. Had a couple of scary moments coming home from school, and to be honest, I'm still shaking somewhat. Saw several really bad accidents on the road coming home, so I was glad to get back to the house, let me tell you. Too make matters worse, there was no salting or slight clearing of the roadways in my condominium complex, and I actually was worried that I was going to fall and hurt myself going from the car into the house. Fortunately all is well.

That said, I'm going to sit here a while more with the hot cocoa and my warm blanket and a bit of music, and will just try and relax for a while before going to bed, since I'll never get to sleep with the way my nerves are jangled.

Good night, folks.
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