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Home From School

Been home from Geology class for about half an hour now.

Class was really interesting tonight, and I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the learning that I'm doing with this course, and some of the stuff I'm learning. And I think it will be good for my personal interests and hobbies as well, since they'll benefit from this stuff quite a lot.

I took a taxi to class today, and managed to get another taxi for the ride home after class. Pretty glad that I did, as the roads are still slick, the temperature has dropped quite a bit, and my car is still stuck under the layer of ice.

Temperature is supposed to rise tomorrow, and this is good, as I need the car for tomorrow, since I have to carpool and I have to go for my footcare appointment. With the condition my feet are in, this is a good idea. :)

In other news, I had sent off the information to CanGames 2012 for the roleplaying games that I intend to run, and received confirmation of the receipt of the files for the games and all. Will post more here on the blog as soon as times are confirmed for the games.

In the meantime, a cup of tea and then off to bed.
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