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One of Those Days

Today was one of those days.

The day dawned bright and clear, but very cold, and I was supposed to carpool my co-workers in to the office today. Figured I'd have the car for the afternoon as well, since I had my footcare appointment. Ha!

I went outside to start the car, but couldn't get in through the driver's side at first, though I eventually started the car, and couldn't chop the ice off the damned windshield after about 35 minutes of the car running. In the process, I literally broke one of the two scrapers that I have. Called one of my co-workers, and he switched carpool days with me, so I got to work fine, but that was pretty much a bust on the use of the car.

Took a cab straight to the footcare appointment after work, and things went as well as can be expected. The broken toe that I have is quite painful, and has made everything to do with walking and the use of the feet difficult, painful, and nasty. Footcare was no different. The good news is that other than the severe dryness of my heels, my feet are fine otherwise.

Took a taxi home from footcare and after taking a bit of a rest, started up the car and let it run with the defrosters both on for over an hour. Finally, a break in the ice on the windshield and I managed to clean it off, but we'll see if that lasts given the weather forecast.

In any event, taking it easy this evening, and going to relax with a book and perhaps some music. All I know for sure is that my back and my feet are killing me.
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