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A Friday Morning Thoughts

Another very cold morning here in the Ottawa valley.

Major snow squalls made their way through the area last night, though we weren't hit with as much snow as some places, but the winds were pretty fierce at times.

I'm sitting here at the office this morning with not a lot to do work-wise, as several of the co-workers are out, either sick or whatever, although there will be some stuff to do around 1:00 pm, as there's a meeting scheduled.

Feeling somewhat tired after watching part of the Ottawa Senators-San Jose Sharks NHL game late last night (I hear we won 4-1. Yay!), but my feet are feeling merely achy after their treatment yesterday, so this is a good thing. My sinuses are still bothering me, but down to a bearable feeling that is mitigated by taking some Tylenol Sinus every so often when it feels really grotty.

Otherwise, quite looking forward to the weekly Friday night game, and the continuing Primeval RPG campaign and story that I've got going right now.

In the meantime, off for a cup of tea.
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