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Some News From Impossible Pictures

A bit of news from Impossible Pictures about the state of Primeval. Just reposting what fredbassett posted to her LJ:

Tim Haines has just told me that he thinks ITV will be showing Series 5 in June/July, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

Also, Primeval:New World has just stared pre-production in Vancouver.

My own thoughts on this: This news does not augur well for the return of Primeval as a British series, and it looks like Series 5 may be the last, though we have Primeval: New World to look forward to. The fact that ITV are shovelling the show into the depths of summer is a good indicator that they don't really care any longer about the series, and that we've seen the last of the show after that on ITV, although the talk of the Primeval movie does raise questions as well, and interesting speculations.

I'm actually quite sad about this state of affairs, as it means that we aren't likely to see a resolution to the plot introduced by the cliffhanger at the end of Series 5, and with several of the cast already doing other projects, this just doesn't augur well for the future of the series on ITV.

That said, as one of the show's co-creators has said in the past, Primeval keeps coming back from extinction, so one never knows. And there is now the hope as we wait and see what Primeval: New World will bring us.


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Jan. 20th, 2012 04:09 pm (UTC)
Makes me wonder if ITV has actually been trying to kill the show all these years, despite the fans and their commitment.

I'm not really sure why Primeval survived on ITV for all these years, but truth be told, I'm not all that wise to the ways in which British tv works these days.
Jan. 20th, 2012 03:52 pm (UTC)
I think the show could end up surprising us all at some point in the future.
Jan. 20th, 2012 04:10 pm (UTC)
I would certainly like to see that. And anything is possible, right? :)
Jan. 20th, 2012 04:15 pm (UTC)

I've seen some commentators in fandom practically disappearing up their own arses over-thinking the show's chances. Personally I think that's a waste of mental effort.

New World is moving ahead. The film is still a possibility. I wouldn't be surprised to see the series pop up again in one form or another even several years down the line.

Anything is very definitely possible, even if ITV do announce they're no longer backing it.

Jan. 20th, 2012 06:42 pm (UTC)
Yes, it is a waste of time over-thinking this whole business and all, but I guess we're all going to read into it what we will. :)

As for the rest, we'll see what we shall see.
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