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Horrible Friday Morning

Friday morning in the Ottawa valley, as NHL All-Star weekend kicks off, per sé.

Horrible, horrible morning here. It snowed last night, dumping about five cms of the white stuff, but that wasn't too bad, as the wind was something fierce. However that turned into about five hours of freezing rain, which is still coming down even as we speak, though it's expected to turn back to snow sometime around noon or so. That said, the temperature is pretty mild (around -30C), though the windchill makes it feel much colder.

It is absolutely treacherous outside this morning, as I discovered when I went outside to go to work. Fortunately, I did not have to drive today, as the carpool day was with another of my co-workers, but there were some hairy moments as we went in to the office this day. I'm still shaking about the drive in, no doubt also due to my memories of the scary drive home one night, but I plan to take a taxi cab straight home after work.

Heck, the fact that I came in to work today says more than anything else, since many of my colleagues aren't here today. (Gee, could it be the weather?)

I have no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow, given that I have my Geology class field trip, but have to hope that I can cut/chop the car free, and drive to that. Good thing that I'm not running the game tonight for the Friday night group, given the weather and all.
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