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Two Weeks of Doctors

With yesterday afternoon's Primeval RPG game session out of the way (you can read some thoughts about this in yesterday's early evening entry), time to turn my attention to the work week.

Today has been a relatively busy day at work so far, but this is not unexpected as Monday's are usually like that.

Other than my concerns about the winter weather, work, and the Geology course class I'm taking Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, I'm really nervous about the medical stuff. I've got three appointments with doctors this coming two weeks - dentist tomorrow, eye doctor a week Tuesday, and regular doctor a week Thursday.

I hate dentists more than any other type of doctor, and to be honest, I'm always nervous about what the dentist might find and all that. (Not to mention needles in the mouth.) I'm also somewhat worried that my eyes have changed, and not for the better, and hope that the diabetes isn't wreaking havoc with my vision. As for the regular doctor, well, we'll see what he says about my overall health and my back problems and all.

Heck, I'm feeling stressed just thinking about all these doctor appointments.
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