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Post-Work Primeval (RPG), and Geology Class Thoughts

Work is done for this Tuesday afternoon, as most of the folks at work got dismissed to head home early. More snow on the way tonight, and an 85% chance of freezing rain once more. *sigh*

Donna has just left my place after work by taxi (fortunately, work is paying this one!), and commented to me that I had the right idea of working from home, and that she's glad she got to work with me today, just the two of us. The work went pretty well, since I'm a bit helpless when it comes to government filing systems, and Donna made it go by with a flair and an easygoing sense of things. While most of the folks were at the office today, quite a fe decided not to come in and, like me, work from home.

Over lunch, Donna and I talked about the Primeval tv series and the Primeval RPG, and she got to listen in as I spoke to spross about some dinosaurs and other creatures for the game. (She's also part of the Primeval RPG PBeM game that I have running over on Yahoo as well, so...) No encounters with Megalania for her, Donna says! :) She wanted to know from me when the Primeval PBeM game will get back under way, as she's waiting on all the other players for character generation to continue! :) Soon, I hope.

I've got another one of the journal entries for the Primeval RPG sessions that I've run to post up here to the blog, then do a bit of cleaning around the house, and then get ready to go to school for the evening Geology class once more. I haven't heard if it's been cancelled for tonight, but will enquire when I get the chance before I get ready to head out for class.

I really hope the freezing rain doesn't start until after I get home from class tonight. And i just wish the weather in Ottawa would stay relatively clement on the days (and nights) when I need to go to class in the evening.
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