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Another Winter Night's Return From Classes

Have just gotten back from Geology class this evening.

Class was terrific, and the learning is continuing on. We started in on the study of oceanic and water-based geology this evening, and the material so far is quite fascinating. I've got about 60 pages of material to read for tomorrow night, so guess what I'll be doing while having idle time and waiting for the dentist (assuming I get there, given the weather forecast)?

Driving to school wasn't great, let's make that perfectly clear. I managed to clean off the car easily, as it was powdered snow. But it was blowing all over the place. The roads were slippery to a large extent, and I slid a couple of times in the home condo roadways. Once I got out onto Conroy, it was like being in a snowblower's path, with the unprotected flat grounds on either side of the road just being a wind funnel for the snow in the area. Not fun. Got to school fine, and managed to find a parking space easily enough.

The trip home was...not pleasant. Not as bad as that nightmarish drive home I had from school which I've blogged about (and won't link to here), but pretty hairy because... it's gotten colder. Slipping and sliding all over the place on the way home, and no sign of city crews ploughing out here or even laying down any salt.

In any event, I need a hot cup of tea, and then sleep. Tomorrow's going to be a busy, somewhat bad day, as I have the appointment with the dentist in the early p.m., and it's supposed to start up with the freezing rain just to make life more complicated (again). And then there's class tomorrow night... Why the heck are we getting such really crap weather just around the days when I have to go to school during the evening, huh? *sigh*

Good night, all.
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