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An Icy First of February Hump Day

The start of February, a new month. But the same old weather.

The city of Ottawa is under a blanket of snow that is topped off with freezing rain. This made driving in to work quite the experience this morning, and not in a good way. Yes, I de-iced the car and drove in to work this morning, picking up my fellow carpoolers including Donna. I fish-tailed twice while driving in, and that with snow tires on the car!, but fortunately there was no other traffic around when it occurred.

I decided to drive in to work today because I've also got my dentist appointment in the early mid-afternoon, and don't want to have to taxi to that office and then home, simply because I've used up my allotment of cab cash (as I call it) for the month. Too many taxis taken during the month of January, and I don't want to start dipping too deeply into that cash for February, 'cause it may be a brutal month weather-wise. (It usually is in Ottawa.) Also, I've got Geology class again tonight, and I've got some reading to do for class tonight (see last night's journal entry for more on this), so I figured I'd take my class reading stuff to do with me today, and only go back to the house after the dentist appointment. That'll be either to rest up a bit before class, or just to pick up the stuff I need for school, depending on time and all.

Not looking forward to the afternoon, to be honest, as dentists are one of the few things I am truly afraid of (the other major one being hospitals, go figure). I figure the geology class reading that I have to do before class will keep my thoughts away from the dentist and all.

In any event, the weather is supposed to improve around noon, and it will be somewhat warmer during the day, so hopefully most of the ice will melt. Of course, when the temperature decides to get colder again, it'll all freeze. *sigh* Such is life in winter in the Ottawa valley.
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