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Home From the Dentist

I got back from the dentist appointment about twenty-five minutes ago.

The appointment was pretty long, and seemed ten times that long for me. The good news is I had a set of x-rays done, and there was no sign of cavities or any other problems. The dentist commented to me that I haven't had a cavity since the middle of 2003, and that I had had *tons* of dental work before that. Just goes to show what eating very little sugar in your diet can do for your teeth, I suppose.

The teeth cleaning was about fifty minutes long, and to be honest, was the longest fifty minutes of my life. My teeth tend to be very sensitive in places due to receding gumline, but the technician told me that my teeth are pretty white, I had very little tartar build-up, and just some light bleeding during the tooth cleaning. Needless to say, my jaws ache somewhat.

In the meantime, a little study time for geology class tonight, a bit more food before I leave for school, and then class tonight. *relieved sigh*
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