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Primeval: New World News

Was just doing a search on the web earlier today, and came across some excellent news about the Primeval: New World series over on the New World FB page.

First of all, the production of the series is scheduled for February 29th - July 9th.

Second, there's some great news... Two good folks are involved with it. Producer/writer Gillian Horvath and director Martin Wood are part of the show. These two have recently done some work and been a huge part of Sanctuary (which I don't watch), but they've also been involved with some other genre shows. Most recently, those two have been a huge part of Sanctuary (which is an awesome show in itself) and they've also been variously involved with some other great genre shows, including Stargate SG-1, Andromeda, Painkiller Jane, Forever Knight, and Jeremiah. However, even better is the fact that according to what I was reading, Gillian Horvath is also a huge fan of the original Primeval, and that gives me the idea that the new series will be in good hands.

More news as I come across it.
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