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A New Way to Approach Palaeontology?

In palaeontology news today, Canadian palaeontologist Phil Bell has used fossilised skin, rather than bone, to differentiate between two species of hadrosaurs:

Canadian Researcher Hails Discovery as "New Way to Approach Paleontology"

It's a promising new approach to differentiating dinosaur species, but I'm not sure of its readily available use in all sorts of studies, since it is dependent on the availability of fossilised skin. That said, Bell had an interesting comment near the end of the newspaper story, that I thought was worth quoting here.

"It changes the way we are approaching paleontology," Bell said of the findings. "Back in the day, it was, 'find as many bones as you can and name as many species as you can.' Now, as the field has matured, people are asking different questions, recognizing these animals as actually living entities rather than curios in a museum."
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