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Sunday Gaming Done for the Day

The Sunday gaming group has just left my place after finishing off the Primeval RPG scenario that they just played in. This was the campaign version of one of the scenarios that I'll be running in May, Goddess willing, at CanGames 2012, so it was good in that it also gave me some insight into what the adventure will be like at the convention as well. Overall, the players liked the game, I think, and while I was quite happy with the way things ran, I do have to "tighten" up a few elements of the adventure for the CanGames running.

On the health side of things, I managed to get through the morning and afternoon relatively well, and stayed on my liquid diet for the afternoon as well with a minimum of fuss, so that was good, too. I had two pieces of toast with a cup of tea for breakfast, and a bowl of clear chicken soup and some jello for lunch. My abdomen is churning somewhat, no doubt with a craving for solid food (or perhaps it means something else), but in the meantime, I need to clean up from gaming a bit, and get ready for another liquid meal for supper.
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