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An (RPG) Night in Paris, 1630's Style

Last night's game session went really well.

The Friday night gaming group is now back to playing the All For One: Régime Diabolique rpg set against the backdrop of 1630's France with a supernatural Three Musketeers feel to it. The last time the group played the game, SteveB was still alive, and the game had literally just come out during the third quarter of 2010.

David Matchuk, the newest player in the Friday night group, had never played the game as he wasn't with us when I last ran All For One. David had created his character with me about two weeks ago, so was ready to get into the game feet first, but since the players hadn't played the game in a while (understatement!), I ran them through the basics of the system and a few sample combats once more, and then started in on the second scenario for the campaign that I had in mind.

The evening passed rather quickly, and while I was bothered by the abdominal problems I've had of late, the game went rather well with the player characters getting into the "All For One, and One For All!" mentality rather well. After the simple mechanics of the Primeval RPG, I had a bit of trouble getting back to the mindset of the Ubiquity game mechanics and some of the specific mechanics for All For One, but the players said they had a good time, and that the scenario itself has got them intrigued about what's going on. Will blog about the adventure at some point, but for now, am just happy with what I've got going on in this adventure. David's character, Alexandre, got along with the rest of the player characters quite well, though he was a bit distrustful of two of the female characters, and the character mix promises some interesting personal conflicts in the future.

Anyway, looking forward to next week's session.


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    1 Sep 2022, 17:24
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    5 Aug 2022, 22:01
    Of course you do! :) Heck, *I* want one! :)

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