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Summing Up Saturday, and Gaming Today

Still suffering from whatever bug or whatever condition I've got that's affecting my bowels and stuff. The mornings seem to be worse than the rest of the day, but let's not tempt fate here. :knock on wood:

Getting ready to spend the afternoon gaming with the Sunday group, as they prepare to get into the All For One: Régime Diabolique rpg. The Sunday players originally created their characters for the game way back, as you can read about in this blog entry, but Douglas needs to create a character, and spross and Tammy may well make a few changes to their characters before we get to the game, so that'll be interesting. The campaign play will start depending on how long character generation takes (one or two weeks), so that's still up in the air.

Spent part of yesterday afternoon cleaning up the den and getting some of the papers organised, with the help of spross. Still have a few things to do in this regard, but just needed to sort out the Primeval RPG and the All For One: Régime Diabolique rpg game materials and resources. (In some ways, there's an overwhelming amount of material for the All For One rpg due to all the Richelieu Guide pdfs that are out there, with no real index of said material or a way to access it readily.)

The rest of my Saturday was spent with bouts of racing to the loo, watching the first two draws of the Scott Tournament of Hearts curling, and doing some book reading. Nothing too strenuous, other than moving things around in the den with spross, but still feeling...meh.

We'll see how the day goes.
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