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Holiday Monday Morning

Another Monday morning in the nation's capital.

Still suffering with the usual problems that I've had of late. Nothing new on that score.

I'd like to wish all my American friends a very Happy President's Day. And to all my Canadian friends, a very happy Family Day.

Yesterday's game session with the Sunday gaming group went as well I could have expected it to go. The group just got back into the All For One: Régime Diabolique rpg from the folks at TAG, and and so we started in on Character Creation, as Doug needed a character and spross needed to revise/redo his character in a major manner.

Character creation went without too many problems, and the players seemed to have a decent time of it. Tammy stuck with her Queen's Musketeer with a thief's background and feel, though she did make a few changes to the character. spross went with a Noble with visions of heroic stories from his childhood in his head who wants to live them out. Doug created a character who is a Duelist, with some interesting issues that go along with that character. Since Doug had to leave early, character generation is not quite complete, but we'll be able to finish off the process next week, and then get into the game somewhat.

After gaming, I managed to eat a bit of supper, and then watch some curling after watching the night's episode of Once Upon A Time. Very nice episode, and things seem to be coming to a head with that one. I then followed that up with the season finale of Pan Am. While I enjoyed the episode, it may or may not have been the series finale, depending on whether the series is renewed, and left the characters at turning points in their lives that I would love to see followed up on.

Anyway, time to do some breakfast before getting involved with doing stuff today.
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