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Snow and Gaming

Work is done for the day, and I can finally look forward to enjoying the weekend.

The snow is pounding down and swirling like mad outside the house, and there's going to be a significant accumulation, methinks. I have no idea whether my Friday night gamers are going to be out this evening to game, though I know that Kathy and the others want to game tonight, and will likely make the trip unless it's really bad out there. (Nick once told me that there has to be at least 25 cms of snow before they won't come. Ottawans are hardy, and drive through quite a lot of snow, though common sense prevails at times.)

If the Friday night group does manage to come out despite the snow, we'll be doing the All For One: Régime Diabolique rpg once more this evening. I've been looking forward to the game most of the week, but we'll see what happens.

Edit: It's now around 5:20 pm, and the snow is still howling outside. I got a call from Kathy about five minutes ago to say that they're planning on coming out to game tonight. Might be a bit late, though. Gee, yah think?
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