John Kahane (jkahane) wrote,
John Kahane

Snow and Gaming II

Just finished gaming about 20 minutes ago, and have done a bit of cleaning up around the house from the evening's session.

Yes, I actually managed to game this evening with the Friday night gaming group. The gang showed up at my place around 7:25 pm, only about twenty minutes later than usual, which was pretty good considering the weather. Kathy told me when they arrived that it really looked worse outside than it actually was, and the gaming group was quite chipper about the whole thing.

The Friday night players got into the All For One: Régime Diabolique game this evening quite well, and the session was a pretty good one, all told. A bit of in party conflict among the characters, some good roleplaying, and a relatively fast paced clip to the game made it all that much more enjoyable. I'll be blogging about this game session at some point in the near future. Given time to do so, of course. The only thing that marred the game for me was three visits to the lavatory with you-know-what again. Maybe I am lactose intolerant.

Anyway, off to bed now. And damn, but it's still snowing out there!
Tags: all for one rpg, friday gaming group, gaming hut, rpg hut, snow, storm, weather

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