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Scary John?

You have to wonder what your fellow employees really think of you when you overhear conversations like this when you get into the office...


Rick: You heard about the new series starting tonight on Showcase, right? Jekyll?

Donna: Yes, it's about, you know, Jekyll and Hyde, but set in the modern day.

Rick: Sounds cool. I hear it was done by the guy who wrote some episodes of Doctor Who. So is the show going to be scary?

Donna: Rick, it's about *Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde*!! What do you think?

Rick: Hmm, maybe I should ask John about this. He knows all about scary things, so...

Donna: (laughing) Oh, this will just make his day!


Needless to say, I set Rick straight about a few things. :)

And yes, the mp3 that's playing right now seems...suitable. :))
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