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Terrific Curling Match

As most folks who read my LiveJournal know, one of my favourite sports (right after NHL hockey, I guess) is curling. (And if you want to know more about curling, check out the Canadian Curling Association webpages.)

So tonight I made the conscious decision not to watch the NHL game between the Ottawa Senators and the Boston Bruins, and to concentrate instead on watching the semi-final match between Manitoba (skipped by Jennifer Jones) and Alberta (skipped by Heather Nedohin) at the Scott Tournament of Hearts. And I am so glad that I did! What a great, terrific curling match this was between two great teams!

This was a curling match that went back and forth all game long, but Heather Nedohin really made a terrific shot in the 8th End to knock two Manitoba stones out and score the single point to tie take a 5-4 lead. However, the end of this match was dramatic. With the game tied at 5 in the extra, 11th End, Heather Nedohin needed to stick the rock in the 4-foot circle to score the win, but it took a measure after her shot to determine that her rock was closer to the button than the Jennifer Jones rock for the win. Absolutely brilliant game!

Looking forward to seeing whether Alberta can beat British Columbia (skipped by Kelly Scott) tomorrow... Oh, that's right... I won't be able to watch the game live tomorrow, as I'll be gaming with the Sunday afternoon group. *sigh* The things I do for roleplaying! :)

Goddess, but I miss actually curling!
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