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The Weekend That Was

Had a good weekend overall, marred only by a bit of abdominal and bowel discomfort, but otherwise pretty good.

As noted elsewhere in my blog, spent Saturday evening watching the curling match at the Scott Tournament of Hearts between Team Manitoba (Jennifer Jones) and Team Alberta (Heather Nedohin) and really enjoyed that. After curling, did a bit of work getting ready for Sunday's game of All For One: Régime Diabolique, as well as a bit more jotting down of notes and ideas for the CanGames scenario of that system which I will be running in May.

Woke up Sunday morning feeling pretty good about things, and had a good time gaming, though I was stressed out a bit. More on that in the next journal entry. Spent the afternoon gaming with the Sunday group.

After gaming, I sat down and watched the last part of the Scott Tournament of Hearts final between Team Alberta (Heather Nedohin) and Team British Columbia (Kelly Scott), having missed the first five ends or so (they were tied at 3-3 when I joined the game), and really enjoyed it. Hard fought game between the two skips, and I was quite happy to have Alberta beat BC in the game, and claim the title. Switched over to the Ottawa Senators hockey game against the New York Islanders after that, and watched the end of the game as well.

Supper last night consisted of a small portion of spaghetti and meat sauce, with a few green beans as a side dish. We'll see how the pasta and meat sauce react with my body today I guess, but it was a good meal and I'm glad that I ate it. Made a nice change too. The evening was marred by a little bit of abdominal and bowels stuff, but I managed to do a bit of reading, watched a bit of the Oscars, and then crashed relatively early around 10:15 pm or so.

This morning has been mostly uneventful, and I'm sitting here in the office this a.m. with a few things to get off my desk, so the time spent here today will be somewhat busy. In the meantime, I need a cup of herbal tea, peppermint methinks, and then back to the job grind. That and keep an eye on the NHL hockey news and the various trades that go down today, on trade deadline. :)
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