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A Tuesday Morning, and Thoughts of Jorune

Woke up this morning in serious pain. My bulging disc is acting up in a serious manner, and the pain on my left side and down the left leg is quite...severe.

This did not stop me from coming in to work this morning, a rather bright, somewhat crisp day in the Ottawa valley. I've been working from home a bit too much over the past month or so, and the boss told me last week that he'd really appreciate my coming in to the office as much as possible, so I've been making an effort to do so. The job has kept me distracted for the most part from the health problems that I've had recently, but I find myself worrying (sometimes needlessly) about my abdominal woes influencing my job-related aspects right now. That said, they seem to have been reduced somewhat, so this is good. ::knock on wood::

Tonight is my Geology class, so I've been doing a bit of homework during my morning break here at work, much to the amusement of several of my colleagues. I'm looking forward to the class this evening, though I know that I'm going to feel very tired when all is said and done by Thursday. The class work is winding down of course, since the course finishes in March, and I have to say that I'm going to miss attending this class when it's over.

In gaming news, I've been thinking about what science fiction rpg I really want to run. While the Blue Planet rpg is the direction I've been leaning in for some time now, I've come to realise that the sf rpg that I really want to run is actually SkyRealms of Jorune (again). I really enjoy the game, love the social anthropology and archaeology aspects of the game, and find the world extremely interesting and entertaining. Only problem with the game is the mechanics, but that's something I've not really had a problem dealing with. How the players may react to this game again is another matter. hehe
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