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Of Bones, Eyes, Geology, and CanGames

Just back from work and a few stops on the way home, and am getting ready to pack up and head out for this evening's class of all things geological.

I left work and got home around 12:45 for a relatively late lunch, before heading back out to the doctor's. I had an appointment today with an osteopathologist, as the results of some tests on my bone marrow and a few other things bone related. (Would rather have been reading about dinosaur bone osteo stuff, but such is life.) The results of the tests indicate that I do indeed have Paget's disease, but that's nothing I can control. Fortunately most of my chemical and other stuff going on with my bones is relatively good, though I am slightly calcium deficient. Of course, if I have Celiac disease, lactose intolerance or whatever, getting calcium may represent other difficulties, but no sense worrying about milk that hasn't spilled and so forth. He also confirmed that the back pain I'm having once more is from the flaring up of the bulging disc that I have, and suggested that if it gets too bad again, to go to a chiropractor.

From the osteo specialist, I went over to the Ottawa Eye Institute, as they called earlier in the week to tell me that my new pairs of spectacles were ready for me. I needed to have a pair of computer glasses and a pair of day-to-day spectacles made for me this time out. The pair of computer specs came out fine, and are a real joy to wear and work with (I'm wearing them as I type this missive). However, the everyday pair of glasses came out warped and the frames were too big for my face, despite the fact that they seemed to fit fine when I tried them on initially back about three weeks ago. So I'm having them re-done (another two week wait) in a smaller frame, although the lenses for said frames will have to be deeper due to the progressive lenses that I need for them.

From there, it was to the pharmacy to pick up some test strips for my diabetes stuff, and then finally home to where we are now as I type this post. Been packing up vegetables to take for snack with me to geology class this evening, while doing a bit of final review for tonight's class material. Looking forward to this evening's class, though I am quite tired. This week's classes have dealt with the subject of the extraction of rocks and samples, and the techniques and methodology for studying them.

Oh, and in other news, I received my registration card from the folks at CanGames 2012 in snail mail today. Looking forward to going to the convention and all that, but I guess that means I really have to finish writing the scenarios I am going to run there, huh? :)

Now, I just have to hope that the weather on the way home from class tonight isn't too bad. Hard enough driving with my back the way it's been of late.
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