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Geology Class Thoughts After Coming Home

Just got back from Geology class this evening.

What a nasty evening it is out there. Of course, I didn't know that until I got out of class and went outside. It hadn't started snowing when I arrived at the university for the course this early evening. March is certainly going to come in like a lion, if this weather keeps up (which it is supposed to). The drive home, after cleaning the car off (yet again), was not a pleasant experience at all, and my back is hurting quite a bit right now.

This week's course covered excavation of rock samples and the like, as well as the techniques and methodologies used, and next week's classes will continue this theme. I actually am finding this part of the course quite interesting, as it's more about the field work aspects of geology, and am quite looking forward to the final field trip for the course (assuming my back problems don't prevent me from having to forego it).

In the meantime, I'm in quite a bit of pain and totally exhausted. I'm off to bed now, after a cup of tea and some painkillers. Good night.
Tags: back pain, class, geology, personal, school, snow, weather, winter

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