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Days of Stress

'Tis a Friday morning, and I should be happy about the coming weekend, the gaming both tonight and on Sunday, and the fact that I'll be off work some time around 1:30 pm today. But I'm not.

Spent a miserable night tossing and turning and re-living the last colonoscopy that I had some years ago. I'm completely stressed out about the colonoscopy, in terms of the prep for it, the cost for it, and the actual procedure itself. Am also stressed out by a few gaming things, nothing that I'll discuss here.

To be honest, I'm more pissed off than anything else about a) the fact that my body has completely betrayed me completely insofar as the abdominal pain and bowel mess is concerned; and b) the state of an rpg that I cannot discuss or mention here. On top of everything else, I'm going to have to miss the Geology class on Tuesday and Wednesday night this week, one of the few things that I've got going in my life that's been keeping me sane and all.

For now, it's back to work on this job of mine.

Damn it all! :(
Tags: class, colonoscopy, doctor, geology, health, personal, rpg, school, stress

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