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Friday Night Game Report - All For One: Régime Diabolique Session 4

I didn't have time to do this yesterday, but have finally managed to get the time this morning to do the transcribing and all. Here is the session of the All For One: Régime Diabolique rpg that I ran on the 17th of December. You can read about the previous game session in this blog entry. Since this post is quite long, I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about the roleplaying game campaigns that I'm running.

Note: If you are playing in my Sunday gaming group, please do not read this game session blog entry, as you've not played this scenario as yet! Don't want to spoil it, right? :)

November 24th, 1635

The player characters begin the adventure after having spent their required time for the week undertaking Musketeer duties. Eloise Desrevais (Kathy) has engaged in courier duties all week that have taken her to various parts of the city, and she has trained a little bit in both shooting and fencing in the Del Rio style. Nicolas Argentier (Nick) has spent much of his required service guarding King Louis XIII, but has also been assisting one of M. de Treville's accountants, Richard Benequit, with the books and some "tricky" issues. Antoine Perrier (Tom) has been occupied with guard duty, both to the person of King Louis XIII, but also to the area surrounding M. de Treville's hotel. Gabrielle Arcond (Joanne) has been working to teach several suitable Queen's Musketeers the acting ability, with mixed success. She has also spent some time with Queen Anne, guarding the spouse of King Louis XIII, for several hours each day. Jacqueline D'Ubermand (Angela) has spent the last several days in service to the kitchen staff of the Queen's Musketeers, also learning to master the fencing art of Renoir (at least its basics), and in being mercilessly teased by her fellow Queen's Musketeers as the "new recruit". Finally, the newest player character, Alexandre Montclair (David), an aspiring noble, has served on guard duty to the King, and in working with several new Musketeer recruits to perfect their etiquette skills somewhat.

Once their assignments at Musketeer duty are completed for the week, the player characters are dismissed and allowed to go off duty. Before they leave, Eloise and Gabrielle are summoned by Captain Desmarais, and informed that she's pleased with their work the last few weeks, and that she is considering giving them a job as liasion between the Queen's and King's Musketeers. Neither Eloise or Gabrielle are overwhelmed by this "gift", but have no choice but to go along with it.

Wandering down to the poor quarter, Eloise Desrevais (Kathy) pays a visit to several of her former friends. She encounters Marcel Proulx, one of childhood friends, now a respectable barrel-maker, and the two get to talking. Proulx tells her that the Paris gendarmerie and the Cardinal's Guards have been instigating very high taxes on certain types of products and merchandise, and there is resentment fomenting among the Parisian citizenry. He takes her home with him for an evening meal along with his wife and young son. Eloise relaxes and blisses out in the surroundings.

Nicolas Argentier (Nick) returns to his small hotel on the Rue St. Gervais, where he is met by his lackey, Richard. The courier informs him that a small package has arrived for him from Rochon-en-Verte, and Nicolas dismisses him quickly so that he can see what is in the package. Once satisfied at its contents, a pair of matching scarves in a greenish gold hue, he enters his residence. He is met by his wife, Louise, and his daughter, Madeleine, and contents himself with a quiet evening with his family.

Desiring some seriously good food, Antoine Perrier, goes to one of his favourite eateries, Le Vache Rouge, for a serious meal of red meat and red wine. He overhears a conversation about the fact that several healers and herbalists in the city have been taken for questioning by the Cardinal's Guard over the past few days. He immediately thinks of Altrine, his lackey, but dismisses this as he is distracted by one of the attractive serving girls, Claire. They depart for his small flop at one of the residential streets on the Rive Gauche, and there he enjoys an evening of pure debauchery with Claire.

Gabrielle Arcond (Joanne) spends the evening with friends from the art and theatre world, enjoying a good meal and fine drink. She expresses her desire to return to that world, but realises it is not for her at the moment. Johan, her lackey, arrives on the scene and tells her that an old friend of hers, Jacques Febert, wants to see her the next evening. She makes arrangements to see him through Johan, and thoroughly enjoys her evening.

Jacqueline D'Ubermand (Angela) is summoned by Captain Demarais of the Queen's Musketeers. On seeking her out, Jacqueline learns that the Captain is pleased with her progress amongst the Queen's Musketeers, but is somewhat concerned at her teasing and the pranks played on her by her fellow Musketeers over the last week or so. She leaves, and returns to the small rooms that she is living in near her mentor's, Francois Dupont, hotel. There is no sign of her lackey, Michelle Albers, but there is a message from her mentor informing her that he is going out of town on business for several days.

Meanwhile, Alexandre Montclair (David), an aspiring noble, has just finished up his duties for the day in his duty as a Musketeer. He returns to the small set of rooms in which he lives, and is met by his valet, Paul Morel, who is as usual slightly drunk. Paul tells him that he received a missive from a young lady (the envelope is perfumed), and Alexandre is quite overjoyed. He dismisses Paul, and opens the envelope, savouring the perfume and the feel of the paper on which it is written. After reading the note, he orders Paul to prepare his finest clothing; he will be leaving as soon as possible. The insolent Paul asks if it is with Mme Dorlais, and receives a non-commital reply to the question. Once dressed and perfumed, he goes off to enjoy an evening with his mistress.

The next morning, the player characters (minus Alexandre) are sitting in their favourite tavern near M. de Treville's hotel, La Rousse de Charme, enjoying their morning breakfast. They see several of their fellow Musketeers taunting and teasing another of their number, Alexandre Montclair, about his taste in women. After some petty shoving and a swing with a coffee mug, Nicolas and Antoine come to Alexandre's assistance, and help him deal with the taunters. The battle spills out into the street, Eloise, Gabrielle, and Jacqueline calmly finishing their meal beverages quickly before pursuing their fellow Musketeers and the taunters out onto the street. When Nicolas is stabbed quite deeply by a thrust from one of their attackers, Claude Jumont, Gabrielle steps in quickly and disarms the man - much to the chagrin of Nicolas, and to the embarrassment of Claude Jumont himself. Jumont vows that he will get even with the Queen's Musketeer for this slight to his honour, and she tells him that she will welcome it. Upon learning that Eloise, Gabrielle, and Jacqueline are Queen's Musketeers, Alexandre is distrustful of Eloise and Gabrielle, due to things he has heard on the street, but will accompany his new-found friends as he feels partly responsible for the wounds taken by Nicolas.

In the meantime, the player character decide that Nicolas's wound is severe enough to merit attention from a healer or medecin, but Antoine's own Altrine de Sanvers, a lackey and healer in her own right, says it is beyond her scope. Since the characters don't want to draw the attention of M. de Treville, they don't dare take him to the Musketeer's own healer, but Antoine suggests they take him to see M. Courtemanche, upon whom they called during the affair with the Jenests to help the girl. The characters all agree to this, and with Nicolas in tow, they pay a visit to Courtemanche.

On arriving at the small clinic of Henri Courtemanche, they find that the medecin can help them with Nicolas, but on condition that they undertake a "petit job" for him. He needs them to visit the manse of Louis Chamberoux some twenty miles south of Paris, and bring back for him some safran/saffron. When they ask him why, Courtemanche says that he likes his safran tea, and that he has almost run out of it, and Louis Chamberoux is late in bringing in the bi-monthly shipment. "You help me, I help you? N'est pas?" he asks them. The player characters agree to the request, and Henri immediately treats Nicolas's wounds. He tells them that Nicolas's arm and shoulder will be sore for several days, and that he should not overdo things with the manly arts. The player characters agree to leave the next morning, and go make their preparations. Gabrielle Arcond reluctantly informs her lackey, Johan, that the meeting with Jacques Febert that he has arranged for the next evening must be cancelled.

As noted in the earlier post about this game session, David Matchuk, the newest player in the Friday night group, had never played the game as he wasn't with us when I last ran All For One. David had created his character with me about two weeks ago, so was ready to get into the game feet first, but since the players hadn't played the game in a while, I ran them through the basics of the system and a few sample combats once more, and then started in on the second scenario for the campaign that I had in mind. David had a great time with it, liking the system for what it was and how it presented itself both game world-wise and mechanically.

The evening passed rather quickly, and while I was bothered by the abdominal problems I've had of late, the game went rather well with the player characters getting into the "All For One, and One For All!" mentality rather well. I'm pretty pleased with how this scenario started and the fact that David's character, Alexandre, got along with the rest of the player characters quite well, though he was a bit distrustful of two of the female characters, and the character mix promises some interesting personal conflicts in the future.
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