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More Primeval: New World News

Some more news from the folks at Impossible Pictures on the Primeval: New World series (as revealed on their Facebook page).

The news from Canada is that Stargate and Sanctuary director and executive producer Martin Wood has been brought on board as one of the directors of the Primeval: New World series. Other directors who will helm various episodes include Andy Mikita and Amanda Tapping. Mikita has a long history with the Stargate franchise, having been a producer on all three series and directing over 60 episodes, while Tapping’s directing credits include SG-1 and several episodes of Sanctuary. Also confirmed to direct is Mike Rohl, who has been involved with shows such as The Outer Limits, Smallville, Sanctuary and Eureka, as well as Supernatural.

They're also promising some more imminent news on the casting front.
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