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State of JohnK (Not too Detailed)

Been up this morning since around 3:45 am. Got to bed around 11:20 pm last night.

I took the super laxative at 6:00 pm last night, as I was supposed to, but didn't really know what to expect. Suffice it to say the shite came out of me over the course of several hours, but I was expecting it to be different.

I went downstairs and headed for bed around 11:20 pm, but got woken up by my bowels and bladder complaining, so went to the bathroom. Lay down to try and sleep again around 4:15 am, but couldn't fall asleep, so have been puttering around on the laptop since that time. I need to take the second dose of the super laxative at 6:00 am, and then won't be able to drink any liquids after 7:00 am.

The purge is supposedly done, but I don't really feel purged. I feel bloated, crampy, and spasm-y, to be honest, but that's the same as I've been feeling the last two or three days, so nothing surprising there. Some time after the second dose of super laxative I intend to take a nice, hot shower. Hopefully that will make me feel somewhat better.
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