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State of JohnK (Not too Detailed), Part III

Went back to bed for a little bit around 7:30 am or so, and managed to nap/sleep a bit until around 8:15 am.

Still felt achy and the like, and returned to the toilet several times. Despite everything, I still feel bloated, crampy, and spasm-y, but now can add achy to the list as well. :(

Since the appointment for the e- and c-scope exams are not until 1:15 pm, I figure I'll take a hot shower some time within the next hour or so. Just want to give myself the illusion of being clean, even if for only a little while, and hope that the hot shower may ease some of the aches and spasms that my body seems to be "enjoying" now.

This will probably be my last LJ post for the day, unless I feel seriously well after I get back from the two 'scopies. And no, folks, I've got no intention of writing a detailed account of the whole trip to the gastro specialist and the procedures (assuming I remember a lot about them). I wouldn't inflict that on folks here on my LJ.

So, later...maybe.
Tags: abdomen, appointment, colonoscopy, endoscopy, gastrointestinal specialist, health hut, personal, stomach

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