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Of Yesterday and The Day So Far

Came home from work yesterday feeling pretty poorly and under the weather due to the chest pain and esophageal stuff going on at the moment. Considered not going to Geology class last night, but vowed to go to the class if I felt that I could manage it.

spross arrived at my place a couple of hours after I got home, as he had stuff for me. He had managed to find the print outs of the Adamant MARS RPG that he had forgot that he had at home (which I must have given him to store for me some time back), as well as a couple of things for All For One: Régime Diabolique. Once he took off for home, I started to prepare for going to class.

Went out to my Geology course last night, attending the second of the two classes this week, despite the continuing chest pain and aches that seem to have resulted from the endoscopy I had a week ago Wednesday. I had an excellent time in the class last night, learned some fascinating stuff, and socialised a little bit with classmates during the break. The chest pain was...managable, I guess is the right word, but I was pretty sore and aching when it was all done, and headed home right after class.

After getting home, I made a cup of tea with some honey and a dash of lemon (have to be careful about eating and drinking sour foods and liquids), and had a slice of bread with some Laughing Cow Lite cheese on it. I took a couple of Tylenol, two spoons of Gaviscon, and crawled into bed to get some sleep around 11:45 pm.

I woke this morning at the usual time for work, and didn't feel too bad. When I got out of bed, the pain in my chest and up into my right ear started again, and drinking water and eating breakfast didn't help. I decided to go in to work even though I don't feel all that great, but am trying to take it easy and be as gentle on my body as I can be - given the circumstances. When I get home this afternoon, my plan is to rest for several hours and possibly read a book or perhaps the February Locus magazine (which I have fallen behind with).
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