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Final Geology Class Field Trip

Well, as most folks who've been following my blog know, I'm taking a Geology class as a prerequisite to gaining entry into a Palaeontology class at some point.

This weekend is the final field trip for the course, a two-day field trip up to a site some four (4) hours north of Ottawa. This field trip puts together all the work that we've done on the course to this point, and is worth a good chunk of the class grade. Given my health of late (in the aftermath of the endoscopy and colonoscopy), I've debated not going on the field trip, and have spoken intensively with my course instructor and the TA about this matter.

She gave me as much info as she could on what the field trip will entail, and advised me to do what I think is best. After careful consideration, I've decided that I'm going to try and go on the field trip. My reasoning in this regard is pretty simple. First off, I've been on this course since September 2011, and this is the last field trip with the final course lectures on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. If I don't go on this field trip, given what it counts for, I'll feel as if the entire course has been a waste of time to some extent, since there's no guarantee I'll pass and may not be able to take the palaeo course. Second, the field experience on this final trip is something I want to have, as it's what the whole course has been working up to. It's also something I've never been able to do, palaeontology or otherwise, and I feel that I should do this. Third, and finally, while I don't feel too great to be honest, I'll take whatever precautions in this regard I need to, and if things are too bad, I'll cut the field trip short and come home if necessary.

Anyway, I've made up my mind to go on the field trip, and need to get packing as I'll be leaving later in the afternoon, or perhaps right after the evening meal. Trust me, I'm looking forward to this.
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