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Home From the Field Trip

Geez, but it's nice to be home.

Yes, I have returned from my two-day field trip for my Geology class, and have to say that it was a pretty good, interesting, and wonderful learning experience. The field trip was one that took all the stuff that was learned during the course lectures and book reading and actually applied that knowledge at a full geological site using what we had learned in a complete, practical application. As readers of my journal know, I was quite worried about taking the field trip, but in the end, I'm really glad that I did this and got to complete the course (other than the two final lectures this week).

I'm not going to talk at length or in depth about the field trip, other than to say that it was at a site some four hours north of Ottawa, the accommodation and food were dismal compared to the Omni Severin hotel in Indianapolis :), and there were times I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to handle it. The chest pain that I've been suffering as a result of the endoscopy (at least, that's what I think it is) stayed pretty uniform throughout, and I was glad that the weather decided to cooperate and stayed relatively warm up there.

The drive home from the small town was pretty exhausting, much more so than the drive up on Friday evening, and to be honest, it wasn't something that I enjoyed either way due to the health issues I have right now and all. I got home, and relaxed most of the evening, taking a hot bath after a light shower and just cleaning all the dirt and grime off my body. Went to bed relatively early, just after 10:00 pm, and had a good night's sleep albeit with a bit of tossing and turning. Not used to sleeping in my own bed after two nights away, I guess.

I arranged on Friday to take today off from work, as to be honest, I wasn't sure how I'd be feeling after the field trip, and I am glad I did so. I'm aching and sore in various places this morning, and plan on taking another soak in a hot bath this morning. For now, it's time to think of breakfast.
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