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Crazy Day

Just got back from what seemed to be a long day at work.

Things started off fine, but then we began work on a new project, which will take us about four months to complete. The translation work itself should be relatively easy, but for some reason, the context of the material to be translated is driving my boss crazy, and he took it out on the four of us on the project. Needless to say, by noon we all wanted out of the office.

Had a very good lunch outside, eating a roast beef sandwich and some soup, but then had to get back to work. There were several memos on everyone's inter-office e-mail with demands and requests from the boss that were crazier than the previous stuff. I can tell there's going to be a stink about this as things progress, but to be honest, it's not something that I haven't seen coming over the past three months or so.

By the time work was done, I was glad to head home. After getting home and divesting myself of the work day clothes, I took a short walk outside. Glorious spring day, for the first day of spring, and then went inside to read the final chapter of the Geology text for tonight's second to last class. *sniff* I'm going to miss this course.

Taking the next forty-five minutes to sit back and relax before I head off for the Geology class for tonight. Looking forward to this after the stress of the day so far.
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