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Saturday Afternoon Stuff

Had a pretty good afternoon of it today.

spross dropped by after work, and we started off with him helping me get some of the SkyRealms of Jorune game material out of the box and under plastic sheets. Still got a good amount of that material to unbox, but the process has started.

After that, we headed downtown to Fandom II, the local gaming store, as I wanted to take a look at a couple of game systems. It was a bit colder outside than I expected, and I didn't dress warmly enough. Hopefully, I won't come down with anything. ::knock on wood:: I was at Fandom II to look for a new, fantasy rpg that doesn't involve levels and/or classes. I've been there and done that, and don't want that kind of game system any longer. I took a look at Anima: Beyond Fantasy, as I've heard good things about it from knightbane, but to be honest, it didn't do much for me at all. I suspect that I will keep running the Desolation as the post-apocalyptic fantasy rpg, and will look at doing something with Other Worlds for a more "mainstream" fantasy rpg.

From Fandom II, spross and I went into Chapters to look at books. I went in there specifically looking for The Hunger Games, as I already read it and gave my copy to my goddaughter, Ellie, but I also wanted Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park and The Lost World, as both of my copies are somewhat ratty and I want to re-read them again. I ended up buying the Hunger Games trilogy in hardcover (for $45), the two Crichton books, and Libba Bray's Beauty Queens, which I've been meaning to pick up for a while.

On the way home, stopped off at Dairy Queen and had myself a small chocolate and pineapple sundae, while spross scarfed down a small mint oreo blizzard. Even with the cold outside, it was quite an enjoyable late afternoon treat.

All in all, a pretty decent afternoon.
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