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The Hunger Games (No Spoilers)

Came in around half an hour ago.

After getting home from the afternoon jaunt outside (see this blog entry for more), I got a call from Kathy asking me to take Ellie off her hands for the evening, and to take her out to see the movie that Ellie wanted to see.

Ellie wanted to see The Hunger Games, the new big time movie based on the books, and I agreed to do so. I drove out to Kathy's and had a good meal with her and my goddaughter, and then it was off to the theatre.

What did I think of the movie? I liked it. (Note there are no spoilers here.) Having read the first book a while back, and now I'm going to re-read it again now that I bought a new copy today, I thought the movie did justice to the book. The Hunger Games is quite a complex little novel even though it's marketed for teens, and the movie of the same title was quite complex in its own way, giving a completely different take on several elements of the book. There are some additions to the movie, some deletions, some bits that were shortened, but overall I thought the movie was pretty good, was visually quite representative of the book, and had some good acting by all actors in the primary character roles. Ellie loved the movie, and said she can't wait to get it on DVD, and I heartily agree.

Anyway, I'm tired, so I'm off to bed.
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