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A Tuesday With No Classes

The work day was much better today, and fortunately the boss seems to have calmed down about everything. I'm much relieved that the workplace was somewhat stress-free today, and that said, I'm glad to be back home after work today.

This is the first Tuesday since September that I'm actually home and don't have to go out to the Geology class this evening. While at first my thought was "What am I going to do all evening?", I realised that there's plenty of stuff for me to do. I need to get the All For One: Régime Diabolique for CanGames written, I want to do some of the reading that I couldn't do this past few months due to the course work, and I won't have to tape Body of Proof this evening, as I can watch it *live*! Yay! :)

On the subject of school and classes, I've been thinking about what to do about the palaeontology class, and feel that I'm nearing a decision of sorts, especially after talking yesterday to some of the folks at Carleton University. More on this when I'm better able to discuss it.
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