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Last Night's Body of Proof (No Spoilers)

Oh, my. That was some episode of Body of Proof last night, wasn't it?

"Going Viral, Part 1" was one of those episodes of the tv show where I thought to myself that it was a very depressing episode, and yet it was one of those tv moments (okay, hours) where you can't look away.

I'm not going to be providing any spoilers here, but have to say that I thought the manner in which Dana Delany's Megan Hunt needled and verbally attacked Jeri Ryan's Kate that led to the you-know-what and the end sequence was handled really well, and I was surprised to see Luke Perry in a guest role, though I thought he came across pretty well. The story had a lot of edges and emotions to it, had some serious resonances, and the impact of this story and the second part next week will likely have some repercussions and ramifications if we see a third season of the show.

This was one of the most powerful episodes of Body of Proof this current season, and I am so looking forward to seeing the second part of the story, but... Nope, won't spoiler things here. :)
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